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Confession: I’m not a fan of most accent walls, and yet I’m about to paint one.

Accent walls can look extremely dated, and in the wrong color or space, make a room feel disjointed. Done right, accent walls can add depth and some interest in the form of color or texture, but it’s a tricky look to pull off. In the 90s everyone was painting accent walls in deep, but muted shades of red, rusty orange, or (GAH!) brown.  I even wanted one, back in the day. (Orange, not brown.) Fast forward to 2016, and new accent walls are fun and unexpected, and that’s what I’m going for with mine.

My entry way is bo-ring. And tiny. It’s a small square with little space for any kind of fun foyer decor. Enter color.

I toyed with the idea of wallpapering the accent wall in one of the many cool patterns I found online, but then it hasn’t been that long since I removed a heck of a lot of wallpaper, and I can’t stand the thought of ever having to do it again. They do make removable wallpaper, and that was the plan for a while…until I priced it out and realized I could almost buy a piece of furniture for the cost of the wallpaper. So paint it became!

The color I chose is one that felt joyful and welcoming – two things I wanted to play up in the foyer redecorating project. It also had to be happy next to the blues, greens, and mustard shades I had chosen for the adjacent room, and the off-white I’ve selected for the rest of the first floor.

So which color and brand did I choose? Stay tuned for the reveal!