Bright & Cozy offers e-design services for busy people and small businesses. We’ll get started by scheduling your initial Skype or phone consultation call within a week of receiving your completed questionnaire. E-Design is offered at two levels:

Platinum:    $55

  • Initial Skype / phone consultation – 1 hr.
  • Inspiration board – 3 paint colors, 5 design elements; includes 1 revision round
  • Layout suggestion – (note that this will not be to scale) 
  • Shopping list with images & pricing* – 3-10 items

Gold:    $75

  • Initial Skype / phone consultation – 1 hr.
  • Inspiration board – 5 paint colors, 7 design elements; includes 2 revision rounds
  • Layout suggestion – (note that this will not be to scale) 
  • Shopping list with images & pricing* – 3-20 items
  • Digital redesign image – visual of the design elements laid out in your space
  • Inclusion of existing furniture, at client’s request


Our e-staging services are most often used by homeowners in the process of selling their home, but we’ll happily work with you on other types of staging projects as well. Your initial Skype or phone consultation call will be scheduled within a week of receiving your completed questionnaire. E-Staging is offered at two levels:




Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a service from B&C, the Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that s/he has read all of the Terms and Conditions below.

*Prices listed are current at the time of preparing your project, but are subject to change at the will of the seller. Bright & Cozy is not responsible for changes to product design, specifications, color selection, price, or availability, but we will happily provide up to 3 alternate items for the shopping list within 30 days of receipt of the shopping list.

**Colors viewed online may not be accurate due to high variability between viewing devices. Bright & Cozy is not responsible for color mismatches and recommends that the client request swatches from the manufacturer or view items in person prior to purchasing.

***Bright & Cozy makes no claim as to the quality of products recommended and is not be responsible for any product defects, shipping delays, damages, or losses, color mismatch, or other issues arising from the purchase of items recommended by B&C. B&C makes recommendations based on information available at the time (of what?) and makes every effort not to recommend products with poor ratings. Selection for presentation in the project design is based on general color, dimensions, style, type, and price, and matched to the client’s specifications set forth in the questionnaire.

****As this is an electronic product as well as a service, no refunds can be provided after the questionnaire is received. Refunds requested within 14 days of purchase and without a submitted questionnaire will be processed by B&C as quickly as possible.

Note that B&C does not provide to-scale renderings for the E-Design or E-Staging services, however general layouts will be provided at each level for each product.

In digital redesign images, some items will not be the same as items in your home or on your shopping list, but will be placeholders similar in size, color, and shape. B&C makes every effort to use the exact items in the design list, but that is not always possible.

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